Discovery - CMC 360

CMC 360 is a complete management system of your club's membership and communications process. While clients do not necessarily need to subscribe to this full level of service, we provide this overview so that you may fully envision the steps in setting membership matriculation as a process rather than an annual event.

CMC 360 does not necessarily introduce anything radically different than what most clubs aspire to do today. The biggest change is in how we look at the process and how we engage your team. It starts with diagnostics or discovery.
Driving the diagnostic are the most important factors in a Club’s success and stability:
  • Driving membership growth and/or replenishment
  • Enhancing retention
  • Increasing member usage and satisfaction
We first ask the question; “Are these fundamental success issues driven by an ongoing team process or relegated to an annual event?” Is member programming and membership strategy based upon objective market research, an objective evaluation of member's needs and what fits best to the member and market demographics? Very few private clubs develop their strategy and programs to fit with member's and market needs for three very simple reasons.
  1. Lack of understanding of your marketplace demographics, density of wealth capable of affording your fees and/or a cultural understanding of what the market's needs are relative to joining a club.
  2. Lack of understanding or agreement relative to market changes that drive today's member and guest participation.
  3. Lack of staff resource and time to professionally develop and translate demographic and other data points into pin-pointable action plans.
What results is a misdirection of internal talent pool to properly program and position the Club in the path of the market it serves.

These core issues cannot be resolved without an objective overview of reality, clear and concise data specifically related to your Club, and the uncompromising, and objective evaluation of these realities and their potential impact to the Club.

A 360 evaluation of your market includes the following diagnostics:

To comprehensively understand a club’s market, and properly position the club within that market, there are five points of diagnostics we have found that are highly instructive.
  • Trend and Profile Analysis
  • Market Demographics
  • Capabilities & Systems Analysis
  • Member and Market Needs Analysis
  • Blue Ocean Competitive Analysis
Each area of diagnosis can offer powerful insights into a club’s true current situation, and as a collective body of work this diagnostic analysis can truly drive remarkable insights into a club’s current reality.

Why is this so important? When making important strategic decisions, clubs fare better with the objective and collaborative use of hard data and quality analysis, than opinions not grounded in critical thinking and the current business reality. Unless hard data and reality is elemental in driving your Club’s direction, developing an objective and well-rounded strategy is simply conjecture and will almost necessarily fall short of its potential.