Design - Creating the Blueprint for Success

Clubs are simply no longer homogeneous. One size no longer fits all. Our members span three to four age generations, each with varying degrees of similarity to one another. Age, family make-up, available time, interests, residence location in relation to club, wealth, income and a variety of other factors enter into the decision process to join a club, remain a member and/or participate in activities and events sponsored by the Club. Our first step is to understand what your existing members want by age and family make-up. Next we look at your market for potential members.

Total comprehension as to overall importance of cultural issues cannot be realized without research into your specific market. Anything less is simply opinion. So, Club 360 starts with some very basic questions....
  • How vast is your marketplace? We can pinpoint it for you by looking at your existing members and where they live.
  • How many potential new members are there in that marketplace?
  • What do they want from a club?
  • What level of fees can they afford?
  • Do your membership categories match your market demographic?
  • Do your current assets and programs match your market demographic?
Synthesis of the hard data, member's wants and needs and market conditions into a concept design must be as objective as the discovery and diagnostic phase. CMC 360 provides for a facilitated process to present and review all data points, discuss their meaning and implications with the Club's decision makers and to drive the Club's market positioning, overall membership strategy, systems enhancements and the chronology and intensity of capital needs.

The key to stability and sustainability is in optimizing member growth, enhancing retention, and increasing member usage and satisfaction. This means the Club must demonstrate value and relevance. So, the next questions we ask are...
  • Has your Club done engaged in any activity or discounting to diminish value?
  • Does your Club have the personnel, time and experience to collect and analyze market and internal data, then convert that into an action plan?
  • Can your volunteer decision maker's be totally unbiased on how to design for sustainable membership growth, enhanced retention processes and programs to increase member usage and satisfaction?
  • Is your staff experienced enough in what's working at other clubs and what's not. Are they experienced in solving strategic membership issues and creating and facilitating member communication's strategies?
CMC 360 asks all of these questions and more as they collaboratively move toward a more strategically sound decision making process and marketing plan.