With discovery, design and implementation already completed, the maintenance phase allows our collective team to now concentrate on even greater potential obstacles to long term sustainability, governance and accountability.

Governance, Alignment and Continuity

This step focuses on creating an environment that will assure that the club’s governors and managers will drive and sustain the new business model with faithfulness and enthusiasm. At this point we have enough data and a plan that is actually the basis for a solid strategic plan, which is critical so that the leadership agrees on a consistent basis for actions and important decisions. A major part of re-engineering governance is the development of a responsibility and accountability matrix for board, committee, general manager and department heads. Annual board retreats play an integral role in assessing progress on the model, setting goals and objectives and keeping the plan and process on a consistent plane. It also provides a venue to regather data to ensure that the plan is still relevant, to reaffirm leaderships commitment and to.

Maintenance and Accountability

At this point, practices have been established which assure that the re-engineered business model does not drift from its foundations. Tools are implemented to guide, measure, track and report results so that leadership can monitor the club’s performance, learn from each new experience and conform to the new model. The cycle then begins again…Diagnostics, Synthesis, Conversion to Plan, Consensus, Implementation, Communication, Alignment and Continuity.

CMC 360 now begins the cycle again, taking what was learned in the first year and applying the best practices to an ever improving and collaborative process.