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Professional Club Placement Services (PCPS) specializes in professional placement within the Private Club Industry. PCPS understands the pain, stress, time, and money associated with posting ads, sorting through resumes, interviewing candidates, and making decisions to fill an opening among your team, which is why our placement experts are fully committed to making this transition as smooth as possible for you and your club. Allow PCPS to seek out and narrow down the finest, most qualified, compatible team member candidates available. PCPS is not your average recruiter; rather, PCPS is a group of professional relationship experts who are dedicated to finding the best team member to join your staff. We focus 100% of our efforts on FIT, as we fully believe it is the most vital component to any successful placement.

Our Specialists will work with you to fully understand the scope of your needs. We learn about your culture, your vision, your members, your club, and most importantly your current team. We understand what essential skills, personality traits, and overall composition is important for this team member’s success. We learn what separates your club from others in the area, and we work tirelessly to ensurethe placement process is as stress free, efficient, and most importantly, as cost effective as possible during this time of transition.

Our Services

PCPS specializes in the placement of mid-management professionals within the Club Industry. Mid-Management is defined as any position that reports to the General Manager/COO and any position above the line level staff. PCPS works with your club to understand the scope of your needs from a specific position within your club. Ultimately the final decision will always be made by the club, but PCPS will focus on seeking out, selecting, and placing only the best, most qualified professional for your club. PCPS’ job descriptions, day-to-day responsibilities, and reporting structures are defined for each position and are supported by various associations within the Private Club Industry. PCPS will work with each club to enhance the “generic” industry job descriptions by adding specific position needs as it pertains to your club. PCPS will ensure that a customized job description with day-to-day responsibilities are developed and agreed upon by the club prior to beginning the interview process.

Our Process

PCPS gathers information from the Club representative to fully understand the skills, personality traits, structure, and daily tasks to be completed by candidate for the specific position. Detailed information about the club, location, membership, and team will be collected and upon approval of the club representative, ads will be posted to initiate our search. A professional posting will be placed on our website, along with other resources including both in an out of the private club industry to attract the most qualified candidates. PCPS specialists will review candidates and narrow resumes based on qualifications and requirements specific to your club. Preliminary interviews will be conducted and approximately three candidates will be presented to the club. PCPS will present the club with an interview guide and will coach, recommend, lead, and mentor the club during this process to ensure the transition is smooth and both candidate and club are extremely satisfied. This process will be repeated until the finest placement has been approved by the club.