Very simply, our philosophy is to provide short-term results and long-term sustainability. For three decades CMC has held firm to a process of diagnostics, design, implementation and maintenance. Without a core evaluation and diagnostic, plans seldom reach their potential and often create more harm than good. Our industry has already seen too many clubs that have “priced” themselves into ruin.

Traditionally when a club or real estate golf course community started having difficulties, they could focus on the specific problem and muster up the energy and financial commitment to fix it. This is particularly true when the source and solution to a problem has been largely internal to the business. Redoing the greens, upgrading the kitchen or building a new locker room might have formerly restored order and prosperity to clubs.

Unfortunately, that is not the case in today’s market. When social and economic forces, such as we have seen, kick in, the entire proposition of the club is called into question. This means the problem is now systemic, that is, the business of the club is becoming less relevant to the new member market and to a greater and evolving degree the current members. Simply put, the business model no longer works as it once did and clubs are therefore of less interest.

Fixing a failing business model is much tougher and more complex than most club management and leaderships have normally faced. What does a club do when new member acquisition stalls, the club offering loses relevance, its cost base is too high, and capital formation capability deteriorates, all at the same time?

Club Mark was developed to address a growing need for industry resources in membership growth strategies, retention and internal programming. During the high club growth period of the 80’s & 90’s with high end daily fee clubs developed in unprecedented numbers, Club Mark’s founder, Rick Coyne, accurately predicted that private, member owned clubs, would be deeply affected by this precipitous growth of public facilities and resultant competitive environment for a higher end golfing experience. CMC likewise predicted that “price based” strategies would take many clubs to zero initiation fee, no capital sources, and their eventual demise. This scenario is playing out in far too many locations around the country today.

Since our beginnings in 1984, CMC has continued to lead the industry in providing research into best practices and professional guidance to private clubs. CMC simply leads the industry in the provision of timely, relevant and informative research and educational programs. To date, we have developed successful strategies for over 700 successful client clubs.

The theory of evolution suggests that for an organization to survive, it must adapt to environmental change. Club Mark Corporation's philosophy is that through constant evaluation and knowledge, simple survival gives way to growth and prosperity.

Club Mark is one of the oldest and most respected, professional, private club marketing, and strategic planning consulting companies in the country. Our national and international experience in working with clubs and providing educational venues has prepared us to efficiently plan, develop, design, construct, implement and oversee marketing programs so that they achieve their maximum potential as well as to provide consulting services based upon experience and success.

Our diverse range of services includes, but is not limited to:
  • Management of your marketing and communications process.
  • Consultation services relative to strategic planning, membership replenishment and retention. Most of CMC’s consulting services include extensive data development and analysis.
  • Comprehensive diagnostics including market, communications, trend, member profile, systems and operational.
  • Consulting services for clubs considering transitioning from development to member ownership.
  • Specialized member survey services including focus group management, questionnaire development and response analysis.
  • Marketing personnel recruitment, team training and supervision.
  • Retention services.
  • Strategic plan consulting.
A brief Summary of our executive team’s accomplishments follows:
  • 43 Years of Successful Research & Development of Data Based Consulting Services
  • Successful Engagements with Over 700 Private Clubs Nationally & Internationally
  • Nationally Recognized and Acclaimed Staff
  • Lifetime Achievement Award for Contributions to the Private Club Industry (Rick Coyne - 2000)
  • Three Gary Player Black Knight Awards as Educators of the Year
  • Two National Literary Awards for Industry Contributions
  • Staff Writers for BoardRoom Magazine
  • Authors of Over 300 Industry Based White Papers and Articles for BoardRoom, Club Management, Daily Fee, Club Director and other National Industry Publications
  • Founded the Professional Club Marketing Association in 1995
  • Providers of Over 570 Educational Workshops for the CMAA, PGA of America, IHRSA, National Golf Course Owners Association, Canadian Society of Club Managers, South African Society of Club Managers
  • Guest Speakers at the Following International Forums
    • European Club Managers Conference – Madrid, Spain
    • South African Club Managers Association – Johannesburg, South Africa
    • South American Club Managers Association
    • International Symposium for Eastern European Club Managers - Prague
While we are proud of our accomplishments, we continue our mission to lead the industry in research of innovative and sustainable operational practices and membership solutions. While there is clearly a basic commonality to what each private club may strive to provide, it is our belief and operating philosophy that each club is uniquely different and has specific core competencies that can and will affect its ability to effectively sustain growth and market perception.