Industry Research

Over the past 33 years, CMC has been at the forefront of market research and the development of club strategies that drive stability and sustainability. Our mission continues to provide a diagnostic process which allow clubs to:
  • Develop a comprehensive and objective overview of the club’s core issues, market demographic, historical trending, member profile, capabilities and systems, competition and member/market needs.
  • Allow the synthesized data to drive the club's market position and relevance to the marketplace.
  • Develop a focus in the development of internal and external programming, membership strategies and processes.
  • Develop an intellectually sound consensus building process.
  • Drive accountability across all stakeholders for delivering the process.
  • Drive systematized communications, planned as part of the overall strategy to increase membership, enhance retention and increase usage and satisfaction.
  • Drive consistent governance throughout the organization through vision and strategy, supported by regularly updated data and research.
  • Create a system or model that endures through each change in leadership and provides uniformity and consistency in the club’s strategic planning.