Data Driven Solutions

Successful Membership Strategies Are Based Upon Research, Data and Your Vision of the Future

Anyone can sell new members through discounts and other gimmicks, but selling yourself short does little to understand or solve the core issues that caused your membership problem to begin with. Next year the same problems will still be there. There's a big difference between doing it quick and doing it right.

Our team of seasoned professionals will provide the necessary research and study of your Club's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to create not only a model to achieve your short term objectives, but a strategy, vision and process for long term stability and viability in your marketplace.

Club's requiring or desiring a more in the way of a custom approach to recruitment of new members can have CMC prepare a market position profile, review of historical trending and a profiling of the membership to determine the specific nature of the Club's membership recruitment or replenishment issues. After meeting with the decision makers and reviewing the market data, CMC will create a membership initiative and process that will address both short and long range issues and present the program to the decision makers for final approval.

Generally, this process can be as simple as a one day evaluation or can be as encompassing as an agreement to manage your entire membership and communications program.

Custom designed programs address all conditions that may affect the marketability of the Club from categories of membership, price, graphics program, personnel and facilities. In every custom designed program, decisions as to the program to be launched is predicated on a historical trending, market conditions and other specifically pertinent market data, which is gathered and presented by CMC.

Contact us for details on our many custom options.