From a simple evaluation and repositioning of your Club to your market, to a merger and strategic planning, Club Mark (CMC), has the experience and personnel to make your goals and objectives achievable and your Club, sustainable. While we consistently over achieve short term goals for our client Clubs, we always look long term to ensure that what we recommend to you reflects as positively five years from now as it does today. Our approach is to thoroughly understand your club, its market and its goals and objectives and then to determine what issues may be affecting your ability to effectively achieve your objectives. Each effort we undertake on behalf of our Clients is collaborative and both data and process driven. Our diverse range of services includes, but is not limited to:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Master Planning Consultation – Matching Planning with Your Market and Member Needs
  • Merger and Acquisition Planning
  • Developer to Member Ownership Transition
  • Membership Positioning and Strategy
  • Demographic Analysis Trend Analysis Competitive Analysis
  • Short and Long Range Membership Programs and Strategies
  • Board Retreat Design and Facilitation
  • Custom Member Survey Services
  • Focus Group Services
  • Marketing Personnel Recruitment
  • Team Training
  • Retention Analysis Services?
  • Creative and Design Development
The following are the most frequently requested services provided by Club Mark. Simply click on the service that you are interested in for a complete description of the service and a general overview of fees.

Strategic Planning

Knowing the direction is the most important part of any journey. With literally hundreds of strategic plans and programs, CMC can offer a custom program to fit your needs, your time constraints and your budget.

Master Planning/Long Range Planning

The conundrum for today’s club is providing for three or more generations of members, all at the same time, all in the same club. CMC works with specific data to help you segregate what’s nice versus what’s necessary to ensure long-term sustainability.

Merger and Acquisition Strategy

The first phase of mergers and acquisitions is the feasibility analysis, then a capability and readiness evaluation, developing a game plan and communicating to gain consensus. Each requires data development collation and stoic objectiveness. CMC provides a custom consulting service in a phased development process.

Developer to Member Transitions

Similar to mergers and acquisitions, but considerably more complicated, the transitional process requires a solid background and knowledge of what can and often does go wrong, before, during and after the transition. CMC has worked with the largest transition of a private club to member owned and has “best practices” from some of the top communities in the country.

Membership Matters Initiatives

CMC has worked with several hundred clubs in developing short term and long range membership programs and initiatives. Recent programs have generated over 250 members at one club in less than 3 months.

Board Retreats

CMC will custom design your Board retreat whether on or off site from your Club based upon a pre-retreat teleconference or site visit by CMC. Designed as an educational and collaborative process to bring focus to the Club’s strategic direction.

Market Evaluation

Often, clubs want to meet and get to understand the company before developing any kind of relationship which could affect the Club's image.

Market Positioning

The complexity of today’s multi-generational club requires an alignment of the Club’s offerings to existing and future member needs. Allowing data to drive this often emotionally driven process provides clarity of mission and consensus on the path to sustainability.

Focus Groups

Whether getting ready to do a renovation, an assessment or a membership initiative, it is always worthwhile to understand how your members are feeling about specific issues. Focus groups get to the core issues instantly.

Member Surveys

20 years ago it was acceptable to do a survey of your entire membership to get an overall composite response. Today’s multi-generational club requires a demographically segregated response so that you can tell what members want and need on the basis of age, family make-up and other variables.