Historical Trend & Existing Member Profile

Historical Trending & Profiling Your Member

In most strategic plans, leading experts suggest looking at where you've been, examining where you are today and envisioning where you need to be tomorrow. For much the same reasons CMC's approach is to review historical trending in all revenue and utilization areas, with particular importance placed on membership trends and issues. By cross checking utilization trends we are often able to detect fundamental core issues that can be easily corrected. In all cases, these trends also assist in driving consensus on the level of aggressiveness required to put the club back on track.

Member profiling by age and family make-up provides a look at possible future attrition, allows a closer scrutiny of programming required to retain relevance with your members and will point out any need for the cultural shifting of your philosophical direction.

Another crucial look at trending is the demographic and family make-up of members joining over the past five years. This represents your new marketplace and can be critical in understanding your path forward.

The CMC team, working with your staff, will acquire and chart this information for further collaborative discussion.