Defining Your Market Demographic

Market Demographic

Whether you are a free standing club or a real estate golf course community your market is both finite and predictable. Our team will work with you in defining your market then examining specific attributes, such as age, income, family dynamic, new worth and various housing analyses. The importance of remaining relevant to both existing members and your ongoing replenishment market is critical to sustainability.

  • Population
    • Generally speaking a free standing private club market area does not exceed 20 to 25 minutes drive time. For City and Yacht clubs the radius will be different as will golf course residential communities. There is a direct correlation between the amount of time a person will travel for an activity and the time that the activity takes. What this means is that for a four and a half hour round of golf I will travel longer than I will for a 30 minute work-out. This is very valuable information for capital planning and programming. The CMC team will work with you to determine where your existing members are coming from and the distance of your market.

      Once we have the market defined we can run very specific reports such as our proprietary Demographic Data Report (DDR) to ascertain the population, age, income, net worth, housing characteristics and family make-up. This information is distilled and vetted to determine if your categories of membership, pricing, programming and general market positioning are in synch with your market.
  • Age by Income
    • As the chart below illustrates, once we have ascertained the size of your market we can run charts to illustrate the numbers of households, by age that earn in excess of specific amounts annually. The chart below illustrates households earning in excess of $150,000 in a ten minute drive time. The CMC team will develop the criteria and affordability range in driving your demographic reports.

  • Net Worth
    • Knowing the net worth of your specific market allows accurate assessment of the numbers of households capable of affording membership at your club. This may particularly important to clubs with higher initiation fees, requiring "cash on hand" for entry fees. The table below indicates how the net worth data is delivered to our clients.

  • Family Characteristics
    • With the increase in professional women, the days of mom staying home and tending to the kids while dad played 18 holes has forever changed. Expectations of equal opportunity leisure time and activity are a factor in estimates of 85 percent of discretionary decisions being made by the female.

      With children in the household, the equation simply gets more complicated; time more scarce and the need for total household relevance in the offering of the club more important. Family time has become a priority and leisure time a commodity.

      There are simply too many differences in today’s member pool, including lack of leisure time, cultural differentiation, family centricity and the general need for a “total” lifestyle experience for the future to look much like the past. Obviously, there are exceptions, but for the majority of clubs today the paradigm must shift and a new emphasis be placed on relevance to the club’s very finite and definable marketplace.

      The Demographic Data Reports (DDR's) provide a full overview of family characteristics, size and the number and ages of children.

  • Buying Habits
    • Buying habits are changing. 85% of discretionary purchases are made by the female in the household. 75% of the nations wealth is controlled by women over 50. Discretionary buying decisions are no longer made on the basis of how fast your greens may be and more likely to be based upon what's available to the entire family. CMC can provide tapestry buying habits for your market area allowing careful scrutiny of what you members and potential members are interested in and looking for in their lifestyles.