Capability Analysis


Getting this far in the process will by now have created a very clear picture of what changes need to be made to drive the club’s long term sustainability. This is where the improvement team drives the concept design into a detailed blueprint and executes the work to get the changes made with a clear-cut matrix of responsibility and accountability.

  • Systems
    • The choices for state of the art systems seems endless when you are making your decisions. From websites, to accounting and tee time reservations, we have lots of choices. The real challenge is to choose the ones that offer you the greatest return on your investment, that provide real management tools for your staff and that are easily integrated into the management and marketing process.

      Our staff reviews your systems to ensure you are maximizing capabilities. In cases where systems do not fit or are absent, we will make recommendations to acquire the best in the business. Its part of the 360 process.
  • Skills & Interactions
    • Having the right tools and systems is only the beginning.  You need people that can operate the systems and processes, people that share your vision.  In our 360 process we meet weekly with your key staff members to ensure that each of these stakeholders share a common vision, a full and complete understanding of market conditions and members needs and that each has accountability for member growth, enhanced retention and increased usage and satisfaction.  People are at the very heart of the 360 process.

  • Assets
    • Clubs generally share a myriad of similarities regarding their assets. From time to time we see changes in participation rates as we are now experiencing in golf and tennis. Clubs are 360 degree environment of assets and possibilities to keep members happy and utilizing the assets. However, in most cases considerably more band width is devoted to specific assets, leaving other areas of member enjoyment or attractiveness less likely to receive capital funding or updating.

      As part of the diagnostic process our team will collaborate our findings with your team to develop a well rounded asset programming that fits the needs of both members and the potential member market.
  • Programming
    • Even the shiniest of assets will sit idle if there is no one to program. Today, more than ever before, with time as valuable a commodity as money, programming is essential. Finding ways to accommodate our members lack of time means finding shorter venues for all of the activities we provide. From Kids Kamp to 3 hole rounds for non-golf playing moms, from pickle ball to Petanque, even without shiny new assets, your club can be viable and relevant to your members and their families.

      Our team works with your team weekly to develop and implement new and fun ideas to grow your membership, enhance retention and increase usage and satisfaction. It is job one.