Competitive Position Analysis

Communications Strategy

In this step we are not talking about the communications around the project work. Instead we mean that a better communications model is created in the club, employing a wider range of updated tools and systems. The communications focus is on reaching your collective marketplace, members, staff, potential members with the right message, recruiting and engaging new members and energizing the existing membership toward better participation in the re-engineered club.

  • Blue Ocean Overview
    • Governance, Alignment and Continuity

      This step focuses on creating an environment that will assure that the club’s governors and managers will drive and sustain the new business model with faithfulness and enthusiasm. The methodology wheel is actually the basis for a solid strategic plan, which is critical so that the leadership agrees on a consistent basis for actions and important decisions. A major part of re-engineering governance is the development of a responsibility and accountability matrix for board, committee, general manager and department heads. Annual board retreats play an integral role in assessing progress on the model, setting goals and objectives and keeping the plan and process on a consistent plane.