Member Surveys


The vocal minority does not always represent the opinions of your membership, as a whole. The only way to get a true picture of member needs and satisfaction is by asking.

Member surveys are a powerful tool in determining your member’s perceptions, needs, attitudes and interests. They can be used as report cards to determine how well you are satisfying needs, to ascertain support for issues such as renovations or membership initiatives and they can be used on a scheduled periodic basis to benchmark your progress in satisfying the needs of the membership.

CMC offers an online survey that can be emailed to your members or linked directly to your Club’s website. For members not wishing to complete the survey online, it is a simple function of printing the survey and either inputting the results in-house or shipping the written surveys to us for input.

For purposes of illustrating the kinds of questions typically asked in member surveys, we have provided a sample set of questions for your review. Please click on the link below to download a sample of the survey.

Survey sample

The survey begins by asking the respondent about types of membership, ages, residential distance from the club, family make-up, as well as other demographic specific questions. Club Mark's analysis will show how responses to the same quetion, differ throughout the demographic make-up of the club's membership. This information is invaluable as the culture of today’s private club is ever changing.


The objectives of the member survey are as follows:
  1. To establish a demographic profile of member/respondents.
  2. Examine the importance to members of different Club areas and activities.
  3. Examine member satisfaction with the Club areas, services, operations, and facilities.
  4. Explore the styles of dining that are important to members.
  5. Determine member agreement with different Club issues.
  6. Explore the preferences of members for select capital projects.
  7. Determine the preferences of members for financing capital projects.
  8. Investigate how membership classification, length of membership, gender, Club distance from residence, frequently used areas, number of children, age, and monthly spending affect how respondents answered the questions.
  9. Offer a line of communication between the members and the Club’s Board and management.
Our staff will work with you to develop the question sets or you can choose from a variety of stock questions. Generally speaking, the survey, once you have authorized Club Mark to proceed, can be in your member’s hands in 2-4 weeks depending upon the amount of time to gain approval on the questions. Once released to the members, we recommend three weeks until the survey process closes. Obviously, this can vary depending upon the individual requirements of the Club. Once the survey is closed we will have the analyzed results back to you within a week to ten days, along with an Executive Summary.


CMC will provide the Club with a full set of collated results and an Executive Summary pointing to the high and low points of member’s responses. As an option a CMC principal will deliver the Executive Summary onsite to a panel of decision makers utilizing PowerPoint to illustrate the key elements of the survey.