Strategic Planning

Knowing The Right Direction Is The Most Important Part of Any Journey
CMC Engagement Opportunities - Strategic Planning Process

Strategic planning establishes the direction of the club, adds consistency to the decision-making process, aids in the communication of goals, and provides the “how to’s” of achieving those goals. Club Mark Corporation has participated in literally hundreds of strategic planning projects in private clubs throughout the county over the past twenty-five years. Over that time we have found that there are three ways in which a Club may wish to engage our services to assist in the strategic planning process. Obviously, as this is a very important process for the Club, we will also custom design a process that meets your very specific needs.

Strategy should engage data relative to three specific periods, where have you been, where are you today and where do you need to be tomorrow. It may no longer be valid to be where you want!! These are not conjectural processes. They require real data that is visible, tangible and directional.

Kick Starting the Process - Board/Committee Retreat

If your Board does not have the time or experience to tackle the strategic planning process CMC can simply act as a facilitator involved in setting the process in motion. We generally begin with a one-day workshop or Board Retreat (three to eight hour workshop) to develop an outline of the plan, direct the development of sub-committees, as may be necessary, and provide a road map for the Club's Strategic Planning Committee to complete the process. CMC will provide a guided tour through the historical analysis, situational analysis, mission, vision and tactics required to complete the plan, guidelines for the generation of a written plan and assistance in determining key components of the planning process.

CMC recommends that at minimum an historical trending and market analysis be prepared in advance of the meeting and a member survey be provided to understand your member's perceptions of various areas of the club's operations and activities. CMC can provide a complete market evaluation and/or custom member surveys.

Facilitation Oversight

For the Club that has the time and expertise to nurture the plan but would like the benefit of having a facilitator develop the initial process (as in the Retreat), develop a market analysis and facilitate a member survey and then be available to the sub-committees to provide on-going advice and direction, CMC provides a facilitator service.

In addition to the work as described in the Retreat, CMC will facilitate an online member survey providing a general sense of the member's wants and needs and their satisfaction with various areas of the Club's operation. In this process CMC will facilitate the development of a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis of each department and a capital needs assessment for the next five years. CMC will embody this information in the form of a written report so that the SPC has a reference tool in moving forward. In the first meeting with the results of the market study, member survey, SWOT and capital assessments in hand, CMC will provide an objective oversight on the development of the plan to address the issues uncovered through the various analyses. In addition, CMC will work with the Club in this initial meeting to identify the necessary vision for the future and translate this vision into required goals and action steps to be developed. The first meeting will address all of the issues, set to develop responsibilities, address how to write the plan and set timetables for deliverables to the SPC from the sub-committees, if applicable.

Subsequent to the first meeting, CMC shall be available to the Committees to provide ongoing oversight and advice as the SPC moves toward the development and completion of the plan. The ongoing assistance program is designed to keep the process focused, in line with the proper facilitation of a strategic plan and in line with developing a meaningful document that will address the ongoing and strategic needs of the Club. CMC will review the progress of the sub-committees and SPC and provide monthly written comments as well as meeting opportunities via telephone or video-conference facility.

Full Facilitation and Development of the Written Plan

For the Club that prefers to have a full time facilitator to direct the entire process and provide full minutes of meetings and the development of the written plan; this is the option that would be most appropriate.

Within this program CMC will provide all of the services as outlined in the Retreat and Facilitator processes, but will also take responsibility to ensure that appropriate meetings are scheduled, will participate in each meeting and will provide written summaries of each meeting. In addition, CMC will create the full Historical and Situation Analysis in a written format before the first meeting.

In the full facilitation process, CMC participates in each meeting, taking appropriate notes and develops the written plan for each sub-committee for the SPC. CMC also provides a monthly written report to each sub-committee and the SPC.

Ultimately, CMC will prepare the written strategic plan based upon input by each sub-committee and approval by the SPC and provide a communications strategy to present to the membership.