Master Planning & Long Range Planning

As private club strategists, we believe that everything in the club flows around three basic principles

  • What does it do to drive membership growth
  • What does it do to drive retention
  • What does it do to increase usage and satisfaction
If it does not accomplish any of these objectives, its likely not necessary. Our programs reflect this philosophy across "sticks and bricks" as well as people and resources. Using data to drive planning is crucial. The process of long range facility planning must start with a full diagnostic overview of market and member needs so that what you are building is relevant to both existing members as well as the next generation you will need to attract.

The world is changing and with it needs are changing as well.

Club assets are like a smart phone. The phone is worthless without its mobile operating system making it all work. And the apps are what cause you to use the smart phone a lot and have most of us spending money shopping on the Internet. The assets of the club are like the smart phone, the club’s staff is like the operating system and the programming is like the apps. The programming is what puts the assets to work. Without investing in the operating system and apps, i.e. the staff and programming, the value of the asset investment is not realized.

Without the club organization and the programs they create, the assets themselves are meaningless. Managing an experience offering with virtual partners for example would require a social director dedicated to creating the events and recruiting the members.

As philosopher and author, Eric Hoffer once said, “In times of change the learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” If we only look to the now we are missing an entire new generation.