Merger & Acquisition Style

As the private club industry and marketplace begin to correct for overbuilding, one of the most fundamental opportunities is in the merger with another club and/or an acquisition of a property that compliments both your ability to retain members and your attractiveness to potential new members.

Rather than undertake the entire feasibility and working process into one proposal and cost, CMC has broken down the process into four distinct phases, offering Clubs the opportunity to stop at any point at which they feel the project is ungrounded or if they feel that they can take the remaining phases and complete them internally.

At some point soon 100% of the board members of each club will need to stand confidently before the members and answer three essential questions:
  1. What is this new proposition and why do we think it will work?
  2. How capable and ready are we to pull this off?
  3. And, what is the game plan to get this done?
Club Mark’s process is aimed at preparing your clubs for that moment and having a common and comprehensive response as well as a data driven set of facts.

In this context we propose a project comprised of four parts:
  1. A critical analysis of the feasibility of the business combination and rebranding proposition
  2. A capability and readiness assessment of each club
  3. Developing a game plan to carry out the strategic change.
  4. Communications/Consensus Building Strategy