Board Retreats

One of the best ways to orient your new Board and bring them current to historical trending, member profiles, the state of the industry and your current market positioning, is to facilitate a Board Retreat.

CMC will custom design your Board retreat whether on or off site from your Club based upon a pre-retreat teleconference or site visit by CMC. Based upon your clubs desired output from the retreat, The scope of work for a Board retreat may vary greatly depending upon the desired results of the retreat. Whether as a pre-Strategic Planning process, to review capital projects, to review membership initiatives or some combination of activities, CMC will help you organize and facilitate a memorable and worthwhile program.

CMC will assist you in developing an agenda, providing the necessary research and will participate in a one to two day workshop for your Board and Department Heads. CMC will create a notebook of handouts for the meeting and create a PowerPoint presentation format meeting the objective of the meeting's agenda.

The research will include a market analysis and historical trend analysis. In addition, CMC will work with the Club in developing a market position report and profile of your members.