Market Evaluation

Often, clubs want to meet and get to understand the company before developing any kind of relationship which could affect the Club's image.

Prior to a site evaluation, CMC requests a five year trending and profiling of your existing membership and usage patterns. From this information, CMC will create a set of graphs and recommendations specific to the historical performance of the Club both in membership and in other revenue areas. A PowerPoint presentation is made on-site to an audience of the Club's choosing in which CMC will present a State of the Industry Report, a five-year trending analysis of your Club in membership and other revenue areas, a member profile, and CMC's conclusions as to what may be necessary to develop an effective membership program.

One Day Evaluation

For a Club that might want to simply discuss and determine its best membership options, the one day site evaluation program may very well be the most cost effective program and perhaps all that you need to get started on your membership program or strategic plan. Prior to a site visit, we will initiate a conference call with you and a panel of your choosing to discuss your needs and to create a general strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis (SWOT Analysis) relative to your membership position.

We will also provide an Excel worksheet for your staff to record the Club’s trending for the past five years in your revenue centers, including membership adds and losses, golf rounds and a variety of important information that can provide a broad overview of where your club has been and how it has been trending, including usage and age segmentation of your membership. Trending can often reveal core issues that may have relevance to solving your membership issues.

On Site Meeting

At the meeting we will review the trending information, competitive positioning and any core issues that may have surfaced in the process of our study, including the SWOT analysis and the potential impact of these findings in your membership recruitment and retention program. On the basis of our initial discussions and our historical analysis we will provide a set of short and long range recommendations which may have some or all of the following characteristics.
  • Categories of membership and their compatibility to the market area.
  • Pricing, equity, payment plans and other opportunities.
  • Communications of the plan, creating a sense of excitement and urgency with the members. Review of graphics and collateral’s program.
  • Potential incentives to existing and referred members.
  • Identification of potential target markets.
  • Creating a perpetuating process for referrals.
  • Creating non-member traffic generating events.
The recommendations will focus on maximizing your market positioning and focusing on best practices to generate prospective member traffic to the Club. Essentially, we will leave you with the necessary tools to create your marketing initiative.