Our Approach

A Country Club is at its core a venue for people to socialize together with like- minded people they enjoy being with. Golf is at the heart of it in the case of many Clubs. To support a social Club the members pool their resources to pay for the facility and activities. The activities of the club like dining and golf generate relatively insignificant amounts of income relative to the total financial requirements to create and run a high-end club, therefore the sustainability of a club is completely at the whim of the members to pay sufficient dues to keep it going. It is also dependent, over time, on adding more members to replace those that leave, or the pool of supporters becomes too small to sustain the club over time.

At the core of building a successful model, the Club must thoroughly understand its marketplace and membership in order to build and maintain relevance, hence replenishment of lost members, enhanced retention and increased usage and satisfaction. Relevance is the key. Without it even if you give it away, the market will be slim and short lived.

Our approach is similar to the top consulting firms in the world. We start with diagnostics, then design, implementation and finally maintenance. Our core belief is that by facilitating hard data to the process provides a strong foundation of consensus and a more focused direction for all stakeholders. Over 700 past clients agree.